Gunpowder Special

No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today.

  • Social capital: less than 10 
Bucharest, Romania
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7even, al pacino, amon tobin, architecture, aretha franklin, art, arthur c. clarke, astronomy, badges, ballet, bamboo, bellydancing, blackbird, bleach, camil petrescu, cargo, chocolate, cola, comedies, computers, converse, cowboy bebop, crimson spell, dancing, davinci, death note, diablo 2, dictionaries, disney, dune, earrings, egypt, elves, fanfiction, fantasia 1940, fight club, green melons, green tea, gundam wing, hans zimmer, history, hyacinths, indiana jones, ishino ryuuzou, istanbul, james clavell, jane austen, johnny depp, kenji kawai, kevin spacey, kill bill, kinder delice, l.a. confidential, led zeppelin, libraries, literature, lotr, mai yamane, manga, maps, mary elizabeth meglynn, maurice bejart, maximum the hormone, metallica, michelangelo, mini cooper, mountains, movies, mythbusters, mythology, olives, paris, parmesan, pasarea colibri, pasta, pears, phoenix, pink floyd, pirates, potc, prince of persia, queen, rachel brice, ruins, seaside, sf, shakespeare, singing in the rain, skiing, snoopy, sony, soundtracks, starcraft, stephen colbert, tchaikovsky, the nutcracker, the red violin, the seatbelts, travelling, trees, tulnice, turkey, val kilmer, vangelis, vodka, wine, wolves, wufei, yo-yo ma, yoko kanno, zdob si zdub, zodiac

The end.

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